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At Masonry and Lime we have a wide range of services to suit your needs, however please feel free to get in touch with us with any queries you may have about what we can provide for you.
Lime Harling
A common used material in the surfacing of many historic properties, the material and technique can withstand the strong Scottish weather. There are many variations to the finished colour which is applied. When working on specific isolated areas for restoration it is of great importance to match the new sections with the historical discolouration of other areas of the property. The Masonry & Lime team have a wealth of experience in delivering this exact service to our client’s satisfaction.
Lime Washing
Not only a cosmetic consideration, but lime washing is a powerful tool in preventing water ingress into a property. There is a requirement and skill to the application of this method which can really affect the finished product. Our highly trained team have delivered this service on countless properties.
Lath and Plaster
Lath and plaster was often used in the early 1900’s in the finishing of internal walls and ceilings. Whether you are repairing specific areas due to surface damage or restoring large areas to highlight the aesthetics of a property, Masonry & Lime are traditional craftsman in this timeless construction method.
Fine Ashlar Pointing
Ashlar is finely dressed masonry, either an individual stone that has been worked until squared or the masonry built of such stone. Precisely cut “on all faces adjacent to those of other stones”, ashlar is capable of very thin joints between blocks.
Stone Carving
Whether it is lettering, architectural requirements or ornate design, Masonry & Lime have skilled quality craftsman to deliver stone carving. From original design or restoration, care and attention needs to be used to deliver a clean and intricate finish.
Masonry Repairs and Replacements
Engaged on many projects to deliver bespoke solutions to masonry repairs and reinstatements, Masonry & Lime take into numerous factors when undertaking this activity. Whether it is replacing one stone on a façade or a number of structural items on a property, we work sympathetically with the aesthetics of the property and painstakingly match replacements and repairs to the existing materials.
Decorative Plaster Repairs
From plain walls and ceilings, through elaborate architectural panelling and complex cornices to the most exquisite figurative modelling, plaster has adorned and decorated buildings for centuries. Work in this most basic of materials spans the full breadth of achievement, from coarse craft to highest art. Conservation can be required where decay or failure threatens its survival and often entails preservation, repair and frequently reinstatement within the context of existing historic fabric.
Boundary Wall Repairs
Repairs to a boundary wall in most circumstance are straight forward project in most cases, but still need to be finished to high standards. But what if the wall is a retaining wall? Or needs to be underpinned? Masonry and Lime Craftsman can deliver specified solutions using modern and historic materials to create new or repair existing boundary walls.
Rough Racking
Rough racking is a process where the top of the wall is covered in mortar but the stones are left visible. The real skill in this is to ensure that water can run off or be wind blown dry, and that no ponding occurs.
Soft Capping
Soft capping is a widely used method of placing vegetation on top of structural designs to draw moisture out of the stone work and protect the structure from future decay and preserve the life of the construction.
Dry Stone Walling
Dry stone walling is a building method by which structures are constructed from stones without any mortar to bind them together. Dry stone structures are stable because of their unique construction method, which is characterized by the presence of a load-bearing façade of carefully selected interlocking stones. Dry stone technology is best known in the context of wall construction, but dry stone artwork, buildings, bridges, and other structures also exist.